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Family Therapy Program


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man and woman on couch discussing a family therapy programFamily therapy programs are an important part of addiction recovery. They offer a number of benefits that can help families heal and move on from addiction. This form of therapy can also help to reduce stress within the family and promote healing. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, it is important to seek out family therapy as part of your addiction therapy program in Lexington, KY

Understanding the important role that the family dynamic plays in trauma and addiction is an important step toward true healing and recovery. For more information on how family therapy can help provide healing and growth for your family, reach out to the experts at Roaring Brook Recovery today at 855.590.9944

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy programs are a type of counseling that helps families deal with addiction and other issues. They can provide support and guidance to individuals who are struggling by involving family members in the recovery process. Participating in family therapy can provide invaluable tools to repair dysfunctional dynamics and help improve communication and relationships within the family. 

The main premise of family counseling is accepting the family dynamic as playing a key role in solving emotional issues that could lead to addiction. Whether your family has experienced difficult times or needs to work through some mental challenges and trauma together, the activities employed in these sessions are invaluable for positive growth, clarity, and unity within the family. 

The Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on the family unit as a whole. It can be used to address addiction, mental health concerns, and other issues. Family counseling has many benefits, including:

  • Helping participants understand and address the underlying causes of addiction.
  • Improving communication to better resolve conflicts.
  • Helping families cope with stress and crisis.
  • Strengthening family bonds and relationships.
  • Improving communication and problem-solving skills within the family.

Our family therapy program in Lexington, KY, specializes in using family therapy to provide an extra layer of therapy that often uncovers unhealed trauma and dynamics that are contributing to addiction. These programs are a significant part of a comprehensive addiction recovery program. 

Family Therapy Techniques 

Addiction and mental health issues often stem from family traumas and, if left unresolved, can affect both the individual as well as the entire family. There are many techniques that can be used in family therapy: 

The Family Genogram

One common technique is called the family genogram. This technique involves creating a diagram of the family’s history, including information about important events, marriages, divorces, and deaths. This can help the therapist understand the family’s dynamics and how they may have contributed to the addiction.

Mutual Self-Disclosure

Another common technique is called “mutual self-disclosure.” This involves each family member sharing their feelings and thoughts about the addiction and the impact it has had on their lives. This can help everyone to better understand one another and to develop empathy.


Mirroring is the process of having two family members mirror each other’s movements and actions. This is commonly done by placing two family members face to face and having one move about and talk freely while the other tries to mimic the movements. The goal of this family therapy activity is to build trust, empathy, communication, and a stronger bond while also loosening up and having some fun with the family therapy activities. 

Roaring Brook Recovery: Cultivating Healing, Growth, and a Deeper Family Bond

Family therapy programs offer a unique and beneficial approach to addiction recovery. By working with the entire family, therapists can help identify and address issues that may play a significant role in developing addictive habits. Family counseling can also provide support for family members who are struggling with their loved one’s addiction by helping encourage empathy and understanding.

To learn more about our unique and personalized family therapy programs, reach out to the team at Roaring Brook Recovery today at 855.590.9944