Every journey starts somewhere.

Roaring Brook is a stream tucked deep in the stillness of nature. Its waters give breath to an ecosystem teeming with life. The stream is fed by a well, providing new water, new life each day.

Roaring Brook was a refuge for founder Matt Otto. As he battled through his darkest days, the stream became a constant place of healing. His addiction couldn’t darken the light there. There he feels whole.

We named our center Roaring Brook after that stream as a symbol of renewal. A reminder of interconnectedness. A beacon of hope, no matter where your path has taken you. We are a community in recovery. Our stories are all different. But together, we heal.

We are passionate about the process.

Recovery is not a destination. It is a way of living. Our evidence-based treatments provide a toolbox for your recovery. With these tools, we build a plan specifically for you.

Although recovery is as unique as a fingerprint, it is a shared experience. Our center is a warm, welcoming space designed for fellowship. We believe that connection is the opposite of addiction. And together, we can get where we want to go.

We Believe...

Everyone is worthy.
There is always hope.
In our vulnerability, we find strength.
Everyone's journey is different,
but together we heal.
You must surrender to win.

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