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Peer Support Training


Get help now from the Roaring Brook team.

peer support trainingRoaring Brook Recovery is first and foremost a community. We want every individual who walks through our doors to feel accepted, respected, and supported. Our peer support training program is designed to help those in our community become adult peer support specialists so that they can provide that same level of support to others. Learn more about what our program has to offer and how you can get involved by reaching out to the Roaring Brook team at 855.590.9944 today.

What Is a Peer Support Specialist?

An adult peer support specialist (APSS) is a person with experience in mental health and/or substance use issues who is trained to provide recovery-oriented support and services. Peer support specialists are members of the community who share their lived experiences and hope with others striving for recovery. This interaction is key to helping people achieve their goals and maintain long-term recovery.

We offer adult peer support certification training to members of our community who want to help others in their recovery journey. This program provides participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to become peer support specialists.

Our Adult Peer Support Certification Training Program

Facilitator – Bobby Acker CADCA1, APSS, YPSS

The thirty (30) hour Adult Peer Support Specialist Training provided at Roaring Brook Recovery is the most up-to-date, evidence-based curriculum currently offered in Lexington KY. This curriculum has been approved by the Kentucky Department of Behavioral Health and fulfills all the requirements you need to become certified as an adult peer support specialist.

In order to qualify for the Adult Peer Support Specialist Training an applicant must possess the following:

  • At a minimum, a high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • A primary diagnosis of a behavioral health disorder for which the applicant has received treatment and a strong desire to identify themselves as a person with a behavioral health disorder (current or former consumer of behavioral health services including substance abuse treatment).
  • Demonstrate strong reading comprehension and written communication skills as indicated by their responses on the short essay form.
  • Demonstrated experience with leadership and advocacy in the field of behavioral health/substance use disorders as well as the ability to demonstrate his or her own efforts at self-directed recovery.

Register for Our Peer Support Training Session

Fill out the application online below and send it in an email along with any attachments to

Submit registration fee of $200 (check or money order should be made out to Roaring Brook LLC and can be mailed or dropped off at 600 Perimeter Drive Suite 125 Lexington Ky. You may also pay by card over the phone at 855.590.9944). There are limited scholarships available to help with the price of the training. Please email for more information.

Must have laptop, PC, or tablet with highspeed internet for the week of training.

Download Training Application

Contact Roaring Brook Recovery at 855.590.9944 with any questions.