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How to Reduce Morning Anxiety

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Anxiety is one of the more common types of mental health disorders in the U.S., with more than 40 million people experiencing mild to severe anxiety symptoms.1 For those who experience anxiety first thing in the morning, it can make getting through the day very difficult, especially if there is a task that they are worried about. Fortunately, anxiety is a treatable disorder, and those who struggle with morning anxiety can find relief by working with a therapist and practicing healthy coping skills.

Roaring Brook Recovery supports Kentuckians who struggle with anxiety in the morning or throughout the day. Our comprehensive therapy programs provide participants with a number of beneficial tips for morning anxiety, along with other skills that promote better mental health. You will work with an experienced therapist in group and private therapy sessions on an outpatient basis so you can continue working, going to school, or caring for a family.

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Why Do People Experience Morning Anxiety?

Morning anxiety is a common condition that can be caused by a number of physical and psychological situations. When we wake in the morning, we get a boost of energy to get us up and moving. This is part of the cortisol awakening response, which raises cortisol levels within the first hour of being awake. Normally, these levels start to go back to normal after 30-45 minutes, but in some cases, stress levels can continue to increase, depending on your mental state. If you are worried about a big presentation that afternoon, your cortisol levels will continue to increase and trigger anxiety symptoms.

Other things that can contribute to morning anxiety include not getting enough sleep, low blood sugar, a stressful morning routine, and mental health conditions like generalized anxiety disorder. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help with morning anxiety that you can do at home.

Roaring Brook welcomes people from all walks of life who struggle with anxiety and want help with finding better ways to cope. We tailor our treatment programs to your individual symptoms and reasons behind the anxiety and use a combination of therapies and medication to treat all aspects of the disorder.

4 Ways to Reduce Morning Anxiety

While there is no permanent cure for anxiety disorders, there are several holistic methods that you can use to reduce anxiety first thing in the morning.

1. Create a Relaxing Morning Routine

A common reason for morning anxiety is not having enough time to do the things you need to do to fully prepare for the day. If you don’t have enough time in the morning to get ready at a reasonable pace, set your alarm to wake you up 20-30 minutes earlier. This little bit of time can be enough so you can enjoy a healthy breakfast, write down what you need to accomplish during the day or get some exercise.

2. Plan Your Day the Night Before

Another great tip for morning anxiety is to do some prep for the next day. Before going to bed, go over your schedule to make sure you have enough time to do everything you need to get done. If there is something specific that is spiking your anxiety symptoms, like a first date or an unexpected meeting with the boss, try to imagine a positive outcome and focus on those feelings instead of any negative ones.

3. Limit Alcohol and Caffeine at Night

Drinking alcohol, coffee, or an energy drink at night should be avoided as they can trigger your anxiety. This can disrupt your sleep pattern and cause you to not get a full night’s sleep, which can also increase your anxiety and make it difficult to concentrate.

4. Start a Workout Routine

Exercise is another natural way to help with morning anxiety. Go for a run or hit the gym first thing in the morning. If you build a normal workout routine, you will feel better physically and mentally, get a better night’s sleep, and be more focused during the day.

These are just a few tips in how to reduce morning anxiety and there are many others that you can do. Eating a healthy breakfast can ease anxiety symptoms, as well as waking up to a favorite song or repeating a personal mantra as you get ready. You can also work with a therapist to develop a healthy morning routine.

Start Comprehensive Anxiety Treatment in Kentucky Today at Roaring Brook Recovery

At Roaring Brook, our discreet facility supports individuals with generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, social anxiety, or other types of anxiety disorders. Our outpatient programs include group and private counseling sessions, behavioral therapies, neurofeedback therapy, music and art therapy, and other types of beneficial treatment modalities.

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