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PTSD Treatment Program


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a group of people in a ptsd treatment program talk in a circlePost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that can develop after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. PTSD has the potential to cause significant disruption to a person’s life and can be especially dangerous when left untreated. Our PTSD treatment program is designed to help participants identify and manage their symptoms in a safe, supportive, and understanding environment.

PTSD and addiction are often linked, as people with PTSD may turn to drugs or alcohol as a way of self-medicating their symptoms. Our program helps participants understand the connection between their trauma and addiction while providing a comprehensive plan for addressing both.

Our mental health treatment services are part of a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. While we don’t offer standalone mental health treatment, this approach helps us to support addiction treatment program participants as they work toward recovery in every aspect of their lives.

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Understanding PTSD

The first step in treating PTSD is understanding what it is and how to recognize its symptoms. This mental health condition develops as a result of exposure to a traumatic experience. These experiences can vary greatly from person to person but may include physical or sexual abuse, an accident, a natural disaster, or any other life-altering event. When a person experiences or witnesses a traumatic event, they may feel helpless or scared. This feeling of helplessness can lead to feelings of sadness, guilt, anger, and even fear.

These feelings can manifest themselves in many different ways, such as:

  • Replaying the traumatic event in your mind
  • Avoiding certain places or people that may remind you of the event
  • Becoming easily startled
  • Having difficulty concentrating or sleeping
  • Feeling more anxious or irritable than normal
  • Experiencing physical pain or discomfort from triggers
  • Using drugs or alcohol to cope with your feelings

If you identify with any of these symptoms, our PTSD treatment program can help. Through individual and group counseling sessions, participants will be able to address their trauma and learn new coping skills as part of their recovery journey.

PTSD and Addiction

Addiction and PTSD often go hand-in-hand, as people may attempt to self-medicate their trauma with drugs or alcohol. This relationship is complex—PTSD can lead to addiction, and vice versa—and our program is designed to address both issues simultaneously.

What to Expect in Our PTSD Treatment Program

At Roaring Brook Recovery, we offer a supportive and understanding environment where participants can safely express their experiences. Our PTSD treatment program includes:

  • Individual counseling – One-on-one sessions with a trained mental health professional to help you process your experiences and develop effective coping mechanisms
  • Group counseling – A safe, supportive space where you can explore your feelings and learn from others with similar experiences
  • Trauma counseling – This targeted approach helps to identify the root of your symptoms and develop strategies for managing them
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – This type of therapy helps to identify and challenge your negative thought patterns in order to develop healthier, more productive behaviors

We take a trauma-informed approach to our PTSD treatment program, which means that we recognize the impact of trauma on each individual and strive to create a safe, understanding space. Our goal is to help participants process their experiences and develop the skills they need to lead a healthy, fulfilling life.

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