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Sober Living Program


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Sober living programs offer an important step in the recovery process. At Roaring Brook Recovery, our sober living program provides a safe and supportive environment for participants to learn how to live life without drugs or alcohol.

The transition back to everyday life can be challenging for those who have just completed a treatment program, and while in treatment, the extra support of a sober living residence can be essential. While those in our addiction treatment programs work on building healthy coping skills and understanding the underlying causes of their substance use disorder, our sober living program helps residents stay accountable. In a comfortable home that is free from the temptations of drugs or alcohol, participants can better focus on their recovery.

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Guidelines for Our Sober Living Program

1. Sobriety

Maintaining sobriety is the foundation of any sober living program. Residents must commit to abstaining from the use of drugs and alcohol to create a substance-free environment that supports recovery.

2. Accountability

To live in Roaring Brook Recovery’s associated sober living residence, participants must be part of our intensive outpatient program (IOP). This provides accountability for the individual and maintains a sober environment in the residence.

3. 12-Step Meetings

Attending 12-step meetings is a fundamental aspect of the recovery process. Residents are typically required to attend a minimum of three 12-step meetings each week. These meetings provide an opportunity for individuals to share their experiences, gain support from others in recovery, and learn valuable insights from the 12-step program.

4. Sponsorship and Step Work

Residents are encouraged to seek a sponsor, an experienced individual in recovery who can guide them through the 12 steps. Starting step work with a sponsor helps residents deepen their understanding of the program and develop personal insights necessary for lasting recovery.

5. Daily Chores

To promote a sense of responsibility and personal growth, residents are assigned daily chores. These tasks contribute to the cleanliness and organization of the living environment, fostering a sense of accountability and respect for oneself and others.

6. Weekly Deep Clean

In addition to daily chores, residents participate in a weekly deep clean of the sober living residence. This collective effort ensures a clean, comfortable, and welcoming space for all residents.

7. Weekly House Meeting

A weekly house meeting is a crucial component of the 12-step-based sober living environment. During these meetings, residents gather to discuss their progress, share challenges, and provide support and encouragement to one another. House meetings help foster a sense of community and accountability within the sober living program.

8. Employment

Residents are required to have a job or engage in meaningful daily activities. Employment promotes financial stability, personal growth, and a sense of purpose. It enables individuals to develop important life skills, establish routines, and regain self-sufficiency.

9. Rent and Utilities

Financial responsibility is another requirement in 12-step-based sober living facilities. Residents are expected to pay a weekly rent, typically around $125, which includes all utilities. This contribution helps cover the costs of maintaining the residence and supports the overall functioning of the program.

Benefits of a Sober Living Program

There are a number of benefits of pairing a sober living program with our IOP. These include:
  • Opportunities to practice healthy coping skills in real-world situations
  • The opportunity to form positive connections with peers in recovery
  • An environment that is free from drugs and alcohol, allowing individuals to focus on their recovery
  • Increased accountability and support for sticking to sobriety goals
  • Education and guidance on how to navigate everyday life while maintaining sobriety
At every turn, Roaring Brook Recovery’s sober living program provides the support and guidance you need to successfully transition back into everyday life.

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