What is substance use disorder (SUD)?

Substance use disorder, the medical term for addiction, is a disease that affects a person’s brain and behavior. It describes a pattern of symptoms that result from taking a substance continually even when the experience is negative.

What are the most common types of SUDs?
What are the signs of SUD?

Answering yes to two or more criteria may indicate a substance use disorder.

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Can you recover from addiction?

Addiction is a disease. It’s progressive, chronic, and potentially fatal if left untreated. Entering into a treatment program is an essential step in your journey towards recovery. Not only will you learn to arrest your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, but other aspects of your life, including social, occupational, and psychological, will improve.

There is no cure, but getting to the other side means finding recovery, rediscovering hope. You will uncover something that’s better than using a substance. And in treatment, you will learn to use the right tools for you to maintain your recovery journey.

There is light on the other side. We see it.

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