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Finding Opioid Rehab in Kentucky

man smiles while talking with therapist about opioid rehab in kentucky

Kentucky, known for its bluegrass fields and equestrian heritage, is also unfortunately grappling with a serious opioid crisis. The surge of opioid use in Kentucky has become a significant public health concern, deeply affecting individuals, families, and communities. These addictive and potentially deadly substances are incredibly difficult to quit once an individual becomes addicted, making effective opioid rehab programs a priority for Kentucky residents.

A growing number of resources and substance abuse treatment options in Lexington are offering a lifeline to those in need, providing professional and empathetic assistance to navigate the path toward recovery. At Roaring Brook Recovery, our team offers a comprehensive opioid addiction treatment program that is specifically designed to address the complexities associated with opioid addiction.

Our empathetic and professional team of experts provides individualized treatment plans, combining medical, psychological, and holistic approaches. These methods create a robust framework for overcoming addiction, fostering resilience, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our substance abuse treatment program prioritizes a patient-centered approach, ensuring each individual’s unique needs and circumstances are taken into account throughout their journey to recovery.

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Finding the Right Substance Use Treatment Program

In the face of the opioid crisis in Kentucky, finding the right rehab program is important for individuals seeking to regain control of their lives. The journey towards recovery can often seem daunting, but there are a multitude of resources available to guide you in the right direction.

One key aspect to consider is the type of treatment offered. Many successful rehabilitation programs incorporate a holistic approach, addressing not only the physical aspect of addiction but also the psychological and social factors that contribute to substance abuse. It is also important to reach out to facilities you may be interested in to see if it is a good fit for your unique needs.

The best programs prioritize a comprehensive care model, integrating various therapeutic methods such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Wellness programs
  • Aftercare programs
  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling

The Demand for Opioid Rehab in Kentucky

Lexington, the second biggest city in the state of Kentucky, currently has a dire need for opioid rehab programs in order to address the growing addiction crisis. Recently, the city of Lexington received a significant federal grant to support efforts in combatting opioid addiction. According to Mayor Linda Gorton, the opioid crisis has only worsened since the pandemic, with more than 2,000 Kentucky residents dying from an overdose in 2022, a nearly 15% increase from the previous year. According to a recent national survey, over 15,000 Lexington residents currently experience a substance use disorder, further illustrating the need for additional resources.1

These efforts are greatly aiding in the accessibility of substance abuse treatment in Lexington. The efforts have been focused on providing widespread access to Naloxone, which is a drug that is used to reverse the effects of opioid overdoses. By providing police officers and other healthcare professionals with access to these drugs, individuals who are experiencing addiction to opioids can have a better chance of seeking recovery. The aim of this initiative is to help provide life-saving assistance to those experiencing addiction.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Lexington with Roaring Brook Recovery

Roaring Brook Recovery, based in Lexington, is a premier destination for individuals seeking opioid rehab in Kentucky. Our dedicated team of professionals provides a comprehensive treatment approach tailored to each person’s needs. Our programs focus on treating substance abuse holistically, addressing the physical, emotional, and psychosocial aspects of addiction.

We offer a range of services that include medically supervised detox, individual and group therapy, aftercare planning, and more. These services are designed to provide the tools and support needed to overcome addiction and achieve long-term recovery. We understand that everyone’s journey to recovery is unique, and we are committed to providing personalized care and treatment options for each individual.

To learn more about our opioid addiction treatment program, reach out to our team of experts today at 855.590.9944 or connect with us online.


1. Lexington – Lexington receives $2 million grant to combat illegal drugs, overdoses