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Your Guide on the Road of Recovery

Not all addiction treatment centers are created equal.

Here at Roaring Brook we know that a comprehensive continuum of services is necessary to promote recovery and allow our participants to fully integrate into society as healthy, substance-free individuals.

While many treatment centers advertise these services, we ensure that EVERY individual is assessed upon intake to identify, address, and overcome the various barriers that one may face on the road to recovery. Addiction affects all aspects of a person’s life, and our team of targeted case managers are here to assist in overcoming obstacles related to housing, employment, social circumstance, education, finances, and any other basic need that may present while in treatment. A case manager is your friend along the way – supporting, encouraging, and facilitating resources that can enhance your life, alleviate external barriers, and allow you to take back your life from the grips of this disease.

Here at Roaring Brook, we recognize the value of family and community support systems, embrace cultural diversity, and adhere to the support and value in a multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment. Our targeted case managers are here to support you as you move through the continuum, encouraging participation, progress, retention, and positive outcomes.

Roaring Brook believes that in our vulnerability, we find strength. And our team is here to help you every step of the way.